My Family and LFGrid

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I had a lot of trouble making a title for this particular post because everyone on my grid really does consider themselves part of a large family (I will get into this a bit later). But I wanted to qualify my FAMILY who is my direct group who are involved in my RL as well as my life on LFGrid. Toy, Camryn, Amara, Liz, Candee, Samie, Ada, Dirk, and Ash are all very closely attached to me from a RL standpoint. Several of them I’ve met personally in RL, and some I haven’t, but, these people are as important to me as any family member would be in RL.
Recently, I was hospitalized and it turns out it was Salmonella poisoning, which also lead to a potential albeit minor heart issue. While I was in the hospital for a week, each of my family took care of everything grid related, and kept in constant contact with me to make sure I was ok and progressing. I even got this from them as a group…

2013-06-12 15.13.21

The tag on this was “Bacon Fixes Everything”… this is a private joke among all of us, but needless to say, it was important to me to see this. I was in isolation at the time because they didn’t know what contagent I had, and I had had a seziure the night before causing my heart rate to climb to 238 and respiration to climb to 177 as well as a temp of 105. This room was so the hospital could “keep an eye on me” but was really boring and visitors had to wear any number of ridiculous things in order to visit. So this really made my day. How many other vitrual world families would do this?? That’s why I say this is as much my family as any RL family to me.

Now for my Grid family at LFGrid. When I was able to finally get a computer in my room the 5th day there, I logged into the Littlefield Hangout and was greeted by a GIGANTIC display of get well cards, a nurse bear, flowers, etc, etc, etc.. and a giant card filled with personal “get well” notecards from almost all the residents of the grid. I can’t tell you how touched I was by this, and it just goes to show how very close and tight knit the community on Littlefield Grid actually is. I was even greeted with an e-mail from Amy Storm where she told me she was “keeping an eye on all the new people to make sure they are all comfortable on the grid and find their way around” which is something she knows I do when I’m there. Her doing that in my absence really meant alot to me and it was sweet to see that everyone was pitching in to take care of everything so I wouldn’t be stressed about it while I was getting well. For those of you people wondering what a virtual world community looks like…. Look at Littlefield Grid. These people are the nicest, kindest, most caring and giving people I’ve met yet. Never any drama, everyone runs around going nuts helping each other. This, is what SL should have been. However this is better because was all take care of our HOME and FAMILY together….

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this grid what it is, and I want to thank you for all the care and love you all bring to the grid everyday. On a side note, I want to thank my family for putting up with my miserable ass the last couple weeks. As I mentioned, I was in the hospital for a week and as a smoker, I was unable to smoke there. I was informed that it was in my best interest (and since I already had a one week jumpstart) to quit smoking which I did. Everyone has had to put up with my dreary, miserable, grouchy attitude for the last couple weeks, and I really appreciate you all not banning my account for a couple weeks while I was working through it.. LOL. 33 years of smoking was a hard situation to drop, and believe me, I want to smoke, but there’s not one intelligent reason I can find for continuing to do it. Not to mention I think I’d never hear the end of it if I started up again now… so there’s an incentive.. LOL

What can happen when people really work together…

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As some of you may or may not know on April 6th of this year Littlefield opened it’s own grid. Rather than do what everyone else does and go into some “advertising” thing here, I’d rather talk about the people behind this grid. First… I’d like to say that even with the hatred of myself personally as well as the Littlefield Group, this grid has been a gigantic success. We’ve done no advertising, nor have we had any assistance from the usual media sources in the VW community. In some cases this is because I’ve asked them not to report on it because they skew what the grid’s intent is (or what they THINK it is, rather than coming to see for themselves or simply asking), and in some cases because the sources are known to be hateful and bigoted toward people that aren’t in their “clique”. If you can’t figure out who these sources are, take a look around and see who has not mentioned the opening of or the existance of our grid and you’ll get the idea…. That being said, in 6 weeks this grid managed to accomplish having over 300 “quality” residents, and over 100 regions. Why is that? Let me tell you why that is… This grid cares about our residents, and is run by people who LIVE there and actually care about the people and the grid.

I’d like to begin with someone who remains mainly silent and behind the scenes. Not because he belongs behind the scenes, but because he chooses to be there. Ashton Nobilis. Ash, spent the last easily 6 mos literally killing himself tuning this grid so it runs (in my opinion, and if you ask any of the residents and visitors theirs also) one of the smoothest, fastest, most stable grids in Opensimulator to date. In RL Ashton is an IT professional with a focus on Security. When Ash sat initially with me and we discussed doing a grid of our own, we decided that our primary goal was to have a solid, fast, production grid where people could come and get what they had in SL, but without all the hassle of high tier, and commerce. We have MORE than accomplished this goal, and that is primarily due to Ashton’s professional attitude, diligence, and flat out CARE and concern for the people on the grid. If you like the grid, and you think it runs well… Ash is the person you should be thanking for that. In the time I’ve known Ash, he’s become family to me and a close friend and confidant. Not a day goes by that him and I aren’t on G-Chat in hysterics laughing about something, or discussing something. We couldn’t ask for a better person to own this grid with us.

The next person who absolutely is integral to the operation and quality of this grid has got to be Camryn Darkstone. Camryn is one of my submissives, and not only that, she is someone I love dearly and is one of my closest friends… Yeah, Yeah, I know what your going to say “Ewwww BDSM… Sexist… Blah, Blah, Blah…” You can make your own judgement on who and what you THINK Camryn is, but I can tell you right now, she’s a brilliant and talented sim designer, and anyone that thinks she’s some kind of mindless idiot because you have some pre-disposed notion of what a submissive is or what BDSM is, then you’ve never taken 2 mins to speak to her or get to know her. Camryn’s sim designs are without a shadow of a doubt THE BEST in the metaverse. I’m not saying this because she is who she is to me… it’s simply the fact of the matter. Camryn managed to get all of our welcome areas, training areas, etc.. up and running from FLATGREEN regions in the matter of weeks. This is all the landscaping, building design, layout, etc.. And she personally went through and created a “learning region” for people who have never been to a virtual world before. She didn’t load someone’s OAR and say “here it is”, she didn’t use a bunch of people’s builds and slap them on a region.. She created every single piece BY HAND! I have had rave reviews from every single person who has visited this grid either via HG or locally and they are absolutely floored at the quality and sheer beauty of her sim designs.

Next on my “hit parade” of commendations is Toy McBride. We have over 800 people in our OSGrid Littlefield Group, and alot of that is due to Toy and her non-stop creation of wonderful MLP enabled furniture. Toy is another of my submissives (see above my thoughts on what this means) who I also love dearly and is another of my best friends. I’d like to point out, while we were starting this grid (and this is the kind of person Toy is…), Toy was helping create furniture for OSGrid’s new welcome area, and she still managed to juggle that as well as furnish an entire grid startup. Toy’s furniture and MLP work is absolutely OUTSTANDING! The care and fine detail she puts into every chair, sofa, table, or whatever piece of furniture she creates is meticulous and some of the highest quality content you will find ANYWHERE in the virtual world. Feel free to stop by our grid or OSGrid’s Littlefield Fine Furniture store (every piece of content there is hand created by Toy herself and she spends hours posing every component of MLP for it) and judge for yourself.

Coming up next…. Dirk Mathers (aka Massiel). Dirk is like a brother to me, and we have probably spent the last 4 years talking about THIS concept. Finally… we have what Dirk put on my radar 4 years ago, and I couldn’t be prouder of how it’s turned out. Dirk is our primary scripter. Dirk sits quietly behind the scenes creating all the scripts that make our welcome areas what they are.. From songboards, to the Display Panel system for the Tech Hangout, to visitor counters or whatever. Dirk also sits quietly in the background “fixing” or “supplying” scripts for all the residents. Between Dirk and Ashton (another of our scripting geniuses) I watch them DAILY creating scripts or altering scripts to make things work for the residents of the grid. This however isn’t the only thing Dirk is responsible for… Dirk “IS” the community. Dirk’s region Stonehaven which I luckily happened upon 6 years ago was the pinnicle of what happens when you put a good group of people together for a common cause. And Dirk’s continual organizational skills and persistance and to put it bluntly, love.. of his region and the people that reside there is what made Stonehaven, and now Littlefield Grid what it is.

This grid, and our move to Opensimulator from SL wouldn’t be in place if it were not for the next person I’m about to mention. Ada Wong. I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky it was that I met Ada. I met Ada purely by accident as she was a friend of an old submissive of mine. Ada and I hit it off instantly, and I just love Ada. Anyone that meets her loves her because she absolutely lights up the room when she comes in. Anyone that has visited AW Designs in OSGrid or LFGrid has seen her absolutely stunning boots and clothing. When we arrived in OSGrid there was exactly 1 pair of boots that everyone on the grid wore. Inside of a month, Ada had created 40 pair of womens boots, clothing etc.. and flooded the grid with her content. Her content is some of the BEST out there, and she is probably one of the most prolific content creators in the Opensimulator community. Ada originally ran a very profitable business in SL called SUBlime designs. When I told her I was looking to move to Opensimulator, she IMMEDIATELY jumped on board and was the person who went out on my scouting expeditions looking for a new home for all of us. Ada said to me that for her, the money from SL was simply so she had money to pay tier to have a place to create content. THAT… is the key to what makes something like Littlefield Grid a success! After visiting probably 30 virtual worlds and going “eh…” we stumbled upon OSGrid and Simhost. After renting 4 regions from Simhost, I left Ada for the day to do some testing.. when I came back, she had an entire sim/mall created and had already started building and creating content. This was 3 years ago when you couldn’t keep inventory from dissapearing 5 mins after you created it mind you, and even with all the frustration of that, it didn’t stop her, and she wasn’t the least bit frustrated by this. She saw the potential of this kind of VW community, and now thanks to her, we have what we have in place. To give an example of the zeal in which Ada builds things.. she recently discovered mesh.. 🙂 Stop by the new Littlefield Garden Center in LFGrid and see what she’s been up to. She practically filled the place with fantastic Mesh content in the blink of an eye…

I’d also like to mention someone else who due to illness has not really been able to enjoy the fruits of her labor. I’m about to get into the RLV/BDSM aspect of our grid, and one of my other submissives Elizabeth Rofanui. Everyone can thumb their nose at RLV/BDSM all they like, but call it what it is… Alot of people are involved with it, enjoy it, and have founded wonderful relationships in the VW because of it. Liz likes to joke that she is an angel, but I can tell you this.. she is. I absolutely love Liz, and everyone that has ever met her would agree. What is Liz’s contribution? Liz has created the scripting for EVERY RLV object that Littlefield has in place. Cages, cuffs, gags, whatever… Liz had her hand in it. Liz also spent MONTHS dissecting the Opencollar system to make it function in Opensimulator. You use opencollar on your grid or your sim? You can thank Liz for it. Because the likelyhood is your using some varient that she fixed in order to make it compliant with Opensimulator. If you ask Dirk about Liz (and him and I discuss her frequently), she is probably the most structured genius with regard to scripting we’ve ever seen. Her scripting is like artwork.. and I can tell you this.. RLV is no picnic to script. Dirk and I frequently modify, or look over her scripts and just shake our heads at the elagance at which she executes everything. She is the single most detail oriented scripter I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with, and I’m honored to call her one of my family.

We also have another behind the scenes admin who’s scripting and attention to detail is absolutely STUNNING! We wouldn’t have speakeasy dance club if it were not for her. Adelle Fitzgerald. Many of you probably know Adelle from OSGrid and what an absolute pleasure she is to be around, and what a scripting genius she is. Haven’t seen her work? Stop by Speakeasy dance club… Look at the lighting and my WONDERFUL MacIntosh amps there and you’ll see the absolutely incredible detail oriented and amazing script work she is capable of. We were absolutely thrilled to have Adelle as part of this project because she goes out of her way 100% of the time to help EVERYONE constantly… Did I mention the lights are fantastic and I love them Adelle? LOL!!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a few other people in particular that have made Littlefield and LFGrid what it is. First would be Amy Storm. You want to talk about a dedicated, caring, and selfless person? Amy comes to mind immediately. Amy since coming to LFGrid has created a ton of fantastic clothing, and goes absolutely crazy trying to make it and everything she does absolutely PERFECT for everyone. Not a day goes by she doesn’t ask how she can somehow make the grid a better place for the residents, and she considers it “home”. I’d like to have 100 Amy’s on this grid, and anyone who is lucky enough to interact with her will see what I mean immediately. We also have several “new” people who are content creators on the grid as well. 3 of these in particular I’d like to mention would be Suskatu (clothing and content designer), Christina (mesh designer), and Alexroo (furry avatar designer). All 3 of them IMMEDIATELY jumped on creating wonderful content for everyone on this grid, and this content is absolutely amazing. You have to consider… rather than just bumbling around the grid playing, these people are taking MOST of their free time to create wonderful things for OTHERS to enjoy. That really says something about the quality of the people we are blessed to have on this grid and I can’t thank them enough for being part of our big family. Not to be forgotten are people like Loru Destiny who has quietly in the background have continually given us her wonderful content on a regular basis. Her along with Ada have not only help LFGrid out, but created some items for the new default avatars in OSGrid. Loru and her partner Tryad have been part of the Littlefield community for going on 2 years now. They are the nicest couple you’d ever want to meet, and if you ever get the chance to visit with them, I highly reccomend it. If any of you have ever visited the LF Homes mall, you surely saw some of the wonderful builds from Sprual Harding. She is an absolute doll, and has a wonderful eye for detail. She spends a majority of her time creating WONDERFUL homes for everyone, and if you haven’t seen her builds, stop by and take a look. They are outstanding! Another well known content creator and overall fantastic couple who have recently connected to LFGrid is Trex Blessed and his partner Boxter. These two have been very close to Littlefield and our group for a long time, and we couldn’t be happier they have joined us over here… I know Trex is working on something (that I won’t divulge here until he’s done) that sound AMAZING and we cannot wait to see it!

Another HUGE impact on this grid is the FIRESTORM viewer team. I’d like to single Cinder out in particular because she is on this grid almost DAILY working endlessly to make the FIRESTORM viewer more and more compatible with the Opensimulator environment. This btw.. is a thankless job, and I watch as Jess and Firestorm are repeatedly slagged, bashed, and mistreated on post after post. I’m going to use a little quote that Dirk likes to say to me repeatedly…. “No good deed goes unpunished”… and this holds true for the people at Firestorm. Here’s a group of people that bends over backward on their own time FOR FREE trying to make a wonderful viewer which btw folks, without it, there would BE no metaverse, just to have people go on and on complaining about their work. Hopefully a majority of people will wake up and see what a great thing Firestorm is doing for everyone, and be “appreciative” for what they are doing rather than looking a gift horse in the mouth! Thank you Jess and Cinder for being on our grid and for giving us an absolutely WONDERFUL viewer to use here in the metaverse. We are honored to have them on our grid and we cannot thank them enough!

In conclusion… I’d like to thank personally some of our residents that are creating “regions” for everyone to visit here in LFGrid. We have been lucky enough to attract some really amazing people who are creating some WONDERFUL environments for everyone to enjoy on the grid. LadyJo Martin, who is active on several grids has been working almost continually on her region which has amusements, dance areas, you name it.. I see her there daily working on it, and she’s really done a fantastic job on it. We also have Douce, who spent weeks with Camryn working on prison RP region that turned out fantastic. On the Gorean front, Contessa has an incredible region she’s gearing up for the Gorean community, and it’s absolutely beautiful. In addition, we have several residents who have recently started up regions here that really help make the community what it is… Like Max Radius, Kap Sinus (who’s a hell of a guy, and we have had a great time getting to know), Serenity Graves, and Xena Xanth, who are really making this a wonderful place to live!

This everyone… is what happens when a group of people with a common goal work together. This grid is what it is because of all these people and all the residents of the grid, and I want to thank all of you personally for being part of this… You’ve helped to create an amazing environment that brings alot of happiness to alot of people and we all owe you a debt of gratitude. You should all be proud of yourselves!!


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I love hypocrites… 🙂

2 wrongs don’t make a right.. LOL However, it’s ok for Linda to go on full out rants of hatred and unbridled slander against me personally. Well here is MY opinion. If Linda hated me so much she wouldn’t talk about me as much as she does. She’s a jilted lover who is still pining away after 2 years and cannot get over the fact that I want nothing to do with her so she goes on and on and on badmouthing me. If she wasn’t so weak minded, she wouldn’t continually portray me as someone who controlled her. More importantly, I wouldn’t still BE controlling her. Clearly I am, because she can’t put a post out without mentioning my name. LOL If she was an adult, and was really in control of herself, she’d move on and stop whining like a baby over the fact that I don’t want to be involved with her on any level. But unfortunately, she is a weak, small minded, petty, and self serving selfish person. She’s been proving it repeatedly. She cannot be involved in anything for more than a month before she gets thrown out of it, or leaves it “on her own” (generally before she gets thrown out of it…). She’s been banned from grids, an entire grid had a WAKE when she said she was leaving the Virtual World…. She’s a menace. And if she had anyone in RL that cared at all about her, they would unplug her PC for her own good so she could seek the professional help in RL that she needs rather than making her psychosis worse here in the virtual world.


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As everyone knows… it’s no news that I LOVE Depeche Mode. Wellllllll They have a new album coming out on Mar. 26 2013, and they have a video for their first track. It’s called Heaven… FANTASTIC tune…

The grass isn’t always greener….

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Due to server maintenance the Metropolis-Grid is OFFLINE at the moment. The maintenance will be done until Friday, 22.02.2013 appr. 12:00pm CET. From Friday evenening on the Grid services will be back again.

Sorry for any inconvenience!
Your Metro Team

For people interested in the REAL story of Stonehaven rather than delusional fiction…

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I suggest reading this blog. This is Dirk Massiel/Mather’s Blog about Stonehaven. You’ll get the REAL story here rather than delusional fiction.

People will make up anything for attention…

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Little something from another griefer who makes things up just to hear himself talk. Feel free to ask Dirk Mathers about the REAL situation in question down here. The “haven” and he means Stonehaven was so deserted in SL that we managed to bring it to OSGrid and make it more popular here than it was there. Well unless you were one of those people who didn’t get to push Dirk around anymore while playing a female avatar and he banned you, in which case you might be disgruntled that someone was finally sticking up for the man for a change. Also, I’ve had my girls for over 4 years a majority of them. The “players” he’s discussing below are the only ones that aren’t around. More to the point, I never had 30 people, nobody in their right mind would do that… But then again, consider the source who’s writing this I guess… 🙂 I know those of you who know me will be quite amused at this insipid rambling… Yet another liar looking for attention by making up history as he goes along…. Enjoy the spotlight Magnuz… You really must have no life you two if the best you can do is waste time talking about me… I’m sorry your life isn’t more interesting… I am glad you know how to use a dictionary or source material Magnuz, it’s the only thing accurate in your whole reply. Seems “the unnamed one” is has also added to it… I’ll comment on her stuff below.. :).. I will say “Thank You” for being so interested in me. It seems I’m really important to you both for you to spend so much time and effort on this… It’s gratifying to see I’ve made such an impact on you both and that you can’t live without somehow involving me in your lives. I appreciate it.. 🙂

Magnuz Binder12:45 PM
Let me add a little to the tale of the puppet master.

There once was a man with a dream to create a haven for people into BDSM in Second Life. He did well and both the place and himself got much appreciation. One day the puppet master entered, seeing the potential of the haven both as a source of submissive prey and for spreading his gospel about how “true” BDSM should be. He had already tried this in other places but had been asked to leave because of his way of bullying and threatening people, at least once aided by a permanent ban when he refused to leave and became abusive towards the owner of the place.

The puppet master made the haven owner believe he was a friend, was given an official position and spent much time at the haven. The haven was popular, so he managed to collect some 20-30 slaves. But, his way of trying to manipulate and bully people also made many feel so uncomfortable they stayed away from the haven despite they still liked the place and its owner. Some tried to tell the owner about the problem but were dismissed along the lines of “He’s my friend and a good guy, so don’t you talk dirt about him.”

Eventually the puppet master had turned the haven into a deserted place. The owner then decided to give up the now dead but still expensive dream in Second Life. He moved to OSgrid, to land provided by his friend the puppet master who saw a chance to really build a fiefdom of his own. The creator of the haven was very grateful for being taken care of by his friend and became totally dependent on his new landlord.

When the puppet master left Second Life, all but a handful of his slaves finally broke free and stayed behind. I know the puppet master has got several differing version of this, but he’s outnumbered in this case. The tales his former slaves tell about the puppet master are much mirror images of what Linda told. Funny enough, at least a couple of them also use the exact expression “puppet master” about him in regards to the owner of the haven.

The puppet master is a school book example of a cluster B narcissist, and can as such appear very charming at first. But as soon as something doesn’t go his way or someone opposes him, he turns very aggressive and abusive. He truly believes he’s always right, and therefore is right in pushing his ways by any means, always blames others for his own shortcomings, doesn’t care any about others, but is very good at manipulating them into believing he does. A good example of his talent is from the recently posted full log of when he talked an opponent into how everything that had gone wrong was the opponent’s fault, and made the opponent agree on this.

The puppet master also is good at using “gifts” to buy friends and loyalty, anything from simple services and free virtual land to computers. Of course these gifts always comes with “no strings attached”. Until the receiver doesn’t do the puppet master’s bidding well enough, at which time the puppet master starts leaning more and more heavily on the receiver with hints or open accusations about ungratefulness and treachery, including letting everyone know what a bad person the receiver is so everyone will turn against the receiver.

So, if we assume Linda’s belief about the puppet master really being behind all this is valid, bringing down an appreciated hangout like the haven to satisfy his own ego obviously wasn’t enough, but the largest OpenSim grid is next on his agenda. After doing some background research on Hiro, I have no problem seeing him giving in to the puppet master, acting according to what the puppet master tells him. It also makes a lot more sense to me with the puppet master putting me on a ban list than if Hiro did.

From DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition):
Cluster B (dramatic cluster)
People with cluster B patterns/disorders tend to be dramatic, emotional, and attention-seeking. Their moods change rapidly (mood swings) and are often shallow. They often have intense interpersonal conflicts.
301.81 Narcissistic: self important and often preoccupied with envy, fantasies of success, or ruminations about the uniqueness of their own problems. Their sense of entitlement and lack of empathy may cause them to take advantage of others. They vigorously reject criticism, and need constant attention and admiration.

From the unnamed “no drama, keeping out of it” person:

+Magnuz Binder I got chills reading your puppet master tale. It is so spot on that it’s like you were inside of my head when you wrote it. And, although I have never met you, suddenly you seem like the person who for sure truly understands this.
You’re right about the “gifts”. And although I sent him money and paid for my land he continued to act like and tell people that he gave them to me free and then how ungrateful I was. I realized later that what he was really upset about was that he no longer could know every little thing I was doing because he couldn’t watch the server screen on the new land I had chosen.
What is really strange about your story is I was told by the puppet master that I was his first failure.

Fact is you never paid me for land. The one time you finally decided to make any contribution at all, I returned it. I can prove that btw, if need be, but people know you are a liar so proof isn’t really needed.

Hiro and I haven’t really had much contact except for sitting at Stonehaven and chatting while a naked girl was locked in a cage. And then one time when he posted a comment on one of my blogs. But yet, I am sure that I am banned. I haven’t tried to log in though so I can’t be positive about this. And honestly I really don’t care. I have no use for OSGrid now.

Must have been before you became a Gorean slave and lived in a cage on a Gorean sim…

Thank you for posting this +Magnuz Binder you have no idea how much your words helped me.

It always helps when you lie to have someone else to lie along with you, it’s nice that you both have each other for this…

From the Puppetmaster…

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This is for all of you who admire someone that is running around the Virtual World’s and blogs pretty much saying you are all too stupid to think for yourselves and are controlled by others….. THIS is the person you look up to and talk so sweetly too. Too bad she doesn’t have the same respect for all of you…

A message from the Puppetmaster:

You know you are a two faced liar when…. A reply to a lunatic

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Someone posted me a little diddy from someone well known in the community.. Thought you’d all enjoy the maniacal rantings of the so called “Nice person.. who wants no drama, and is staying out of it, and is turning over a new leaf” Generally I don’t comment about this person cause they sent me a letter begging me to not be mad (which BTW I will post here) and to just leave them alone and they will leave me alone.. Oh No.. another lie??? *GASP!! I agreed we’d just leave each other alone, but NOOOOOOO. Well now everyone can see what you are really all about. I think they are due to see the “real” you… Remember, you started it, not me. I’ll be glad to remove this entry btw… if you want to keep up YOUR end of the bargain and stop attacking us… Fair is Fair. Do everyone a favor… Forget about OSGrid, you hate it, that’s fine, you hate me, you hate a bunch of people there, that’s lovely. Keep me and everyone out of your “thoughts” and blogs. You are simply trying to get some attention. Use someone else for that. You have already used all of us enough don’t you think?

I’ll answer each of these “tirades” below….

Quote Below:

“You will not find anyone more against “sexual ageplay” than I am. I spent months writing blogs and investigating Meta7. I put my life on the line literately to do that. I got threats on my life. And I had the Meta7 admin threaten to sue me. I did not stop until they were closed down. Because there was actual “proof” of sexual ageplay and photos of rl child porn and groups called “child rape” that 1/3 of the registered users there were members of that group. I made sure they were investigated in rl.”

FYI this person was a Gorean slave in OSGrid… no sexual RP there. Not to mention there’s a pile of her sexually based toys she created around the grid. Guess you’ve forgotten about the photos you sent Dirk and I hmmm??? We haven’t..

“So don’t you dare tell me, that I am standing with child predators. I am standing up against bullies. I’m standing up against the puppet master (and I am not talking about Hiro here.. I’m talking about the man that I believe controls him).”

Well so much for staying out of it.. LOL Typical….

Here is a little insight to how the puppet master works…

Let me address puppet master first.. LOL First of all anyone that knows Hiro knows he can’t be swayed by anyone let alone me. If anything Hiro has guided ME quiet a bit since entering the Opensimulator community.

1. He makes you believe there is evil out there that he must protect you from. (such as child predators in OSGrid…even though there isn’t a lick of proof)

He does? How? By trying to be preventive rather than reactive on the public regions? LOL

2. He makes you believe that he is the only one that can protect you from it. (If OSGrid doesn’t ban child avatars then how will you be protected from them? You are much too stupid to decipher between innocent child avatars and the ones that do the nasty sexual ageplay, or you are much too weak to protect yourself from them.)

Well speaking of stupid he’s not banning them from the grid.. Maybe if you had your facts straight once in a while people might take what you say seriously…

3. He makes you think that he knows best and then he makes decisions (or has someone on his puppet strings to carry out his decisions)and you find yourself feeling safe that he is taking all the evil away. He is making your world a safe place to enjoy. (OSGrid will be rid of all those evil people who wear smaller than normal avatars)

IDK, sounds like a repeat of 2 to me… But what do I know right?

4. Then comes the scare tactics. You start seeing that others who are against him get affected in a bad way. You get to see his power. You get to feel special that you are on his side. He makes you believe that you are on the side of good. He pumps you full of lies about how people that you thought you knew and trusted are evil and are just out to destroy your perfect little world that he has planned for you.

Frankly if you don’t like the grid, you talk shit on it continually, you’ve left and are supposedly “happy” elsewhere, how is there any way the person can use a scare tactic on you? Guess it takes a “special” person to figure out what that’s supposed to mean…

5. He then starts breaking you down. Without even realizing it you are becoming more and more his puppet. He isolates you from anyone that might tell you the truth and that might give you insight into what he is doing. (He pulls the puppet strings to ban people who might tell you of the real evil. He isolates you from an entire community of people that you know are good but he has now convinced you that they are evil.) He will make you think that these people are talking about you behind your back and they hate you and you are only safe within his walls.

Mind you this after being “BEGGED” to be forgiven let me post it here for you:

Please stop. Someone told me you posted a wicked witch is dead song on your website. I am begging for your forgiveness. I have posted many times on my blog that i am sorry to you and that I appreciate all that you did for me. I don’t know what else to do. I will do anything to stop this hate. I loved you so deeply and I couldn’t be what you wanted me to be. I have admitted over and over again that I have mental problems. I haven’t tried to hurt you or your family. I haven’t tried to come into your world or your sims. I really really have tried to make this all go away. I’m so very sorry for everything and I take full responsibility. Please just don’t do this anymore. I want to kill myself. All I can think is if someone hates me this much I must be so evil that I don’t deserve to live.
Please I will do anything at all just to make this stop.
what do you want from me? What will make you stop posting this stuff?
Do you want me to beg you publicly on my blog? I will. Do you want me to publicly admit that everything was my fault? I will.
(you figure out who wrote it…)

6. He starts bringing you in by making you feel like you are part of the greater good. (something like getting everyone together to post the good things about OSGrid and going out wherever you hear someone put OSGrid down and chant the good there to overpower their evil words). He has you totally and completely and you are fighting his battles and doing his bidding and you don’t even realize it. You are actually thinking that anyone who isn’t supporting his doctrine must be an evil child predator or something just as evil. You are officially brain washed. And you are walking around in your zombie, Stepford wife, way too ignorant to even know it.

This is in reply to GIVING her 4 regions free of charge to build on and not asking thing one from her on OSGrid, then dealing with the weekly carrying on and crying she did in IM over how people didn’t like her.

7. You will find a time when you want to break away. If you try he will shun you. He will threaten you in a passive
aggressive way. This man covers all of his bases. He keeps every chat log and every IM. He knows all of your triggers and all of your mistakes and he will use them against you. If you start to go away he will turn people against you. He won’t give up ever. He will make sure you are hated. (just ask the people who have been pushed around by him and they will tell you I am right). If you question him he will have his puppet ban you. And if your friends stand up for you they will be banned too.

LOL.. Shun = Stopped talking to and banned from my regions because she was being a psychotic and driving everyone on the grid insane. A grid she called a Ghetto I might add…

That is how it works with this man. I know. I was there. I went though these same steps. I was isolated to his private grid and not allowed to speak with anyone that might tell me the truth. I was told that everyone hated me. I was told that nobody wanted me around but him. After a couple of months I felt that he was the only person who could take care of me and protect me. I wasn’t even able to trust myself and my own judgement anymore. I was a stupid, weak nobody and I was called “object” because I didn’t deserve anything better than that. And I was so brainwashed that I was actually happy about it. I actually thought I was so lucky to have someone who would take care of me like that and keep me from the evil.

Let me let you all in on what “this” means…. I put her on a grid alone to build (some of the OAR’s you are all so in love with, she did on MY grid… enjoy them…). Because she was leaving the VW never to return. I though MAYBE if she spent some time alone building and trying to fix all the mess she had created on OSGrid things would be good. This lasted ohhhhh 2 weeks I guess. LOL. Then she went on another one of her famous “turns” from “you are helping me thank you” to “fuck you, you just want to control me”.

I am standing up against a very very abusive man who entrapped me and abused me and made me believe that he was the only one that could take care of me. Now he is doing it to a whole grid by controlling the stings there.

IE. I love drama, so I’m going to rehash something from a long time ago in hopes that I can get people to say “poor (insert name her).. you go girl”.

The puppet master scares the hell out of me. I worry for my rl. But I refuse to let my fears of this man go on any longer. Long after I broke away from him I found myself still seeking his approval. I felt like he was “all powerful”. Now I see what he really is.

You gotta be joking. Nobody is interested in you in RL at all believe me, obviously not the people you are with in RL because if they did they would unplug your PC and get you some professional help. LOL You are quite delusional. YOU are the one that keeps trying to drag people into your RL. Fact of the matter is the further away from all of us you are, the happier we all will be

Ask yourself this one question….. How come it’s ok for avatars to be or to roleplay women in latex with collars, gagged, locked in boxes and cages and licking the sh*t off of boots and being peed on yet it’s not ok for someone to roleplay an innocent child in a family roleplay? Then you will see what the priorities OSGrid now are.

I can answer this for you quite well… WE DON’T DO IT ON THE PLAZAS!! All that has ever been said is “keep it off the plazas” but clearly you are too dense to understand the concept of following a rule. Clearly being honest or keeping a promise is out of your realm of understanding, so I imagine the concept of “following simple requests” is also too much for you to handle.

The difference between free speech, and allowing slanderous hate speech to add traffic to your website…

•February 14, 2013 • Leave a Comment

As many of you know, I personally as well as Hiro Protaganist, OSGrid and many other people have been attacked on several websites out there. Generally speaking, most of this wasn’t for the sake of “information” or for being “newsworthy”… They were simply put there for sensationalism and to draw more traffic and attention to the persons blog/website etc.. One comment in particular that I found offensive I’ll put here. It comes from Hypergrid Business ( This “article” is moderated by Maria Korolov. Or in this case “not moderated”. The original post’s “intent” was to report on “OSgrid leaders address hosting restriction rumors”. Below you’ll find one of the replies to this post. The responsible thing to do when faced with a comment like you see below that not only is not relevant to the topic, but is nothing but slander and a personal attack would be to “moderate” it and remove the personal attacks in order to keep things on topic. Instead…. Hypergrid Business after I brought this to their attention did nothing to remove the comment. Granted, this is an excellent method for garnering more views, not unlike you might see as people slow down to watch a car accident. But, if you want to call yourself an place for “information” and accurate reporting, it appears to me a comment like this permitted on the website is counterproductive to being taken seriously as a journalist.

The comment below is from a “guest” user in reply to another users remarks and is posted currently on Hypergrid Business. Judge for yourself if this is responsible reporting or not:

Guest reply to Joey Hyx • a day ago

Just a few notes on how to get treated well by Hiro:
Appear to be a straight adult male – your case, check!
Appear to need his expertise – your case, check!
Appear to be new to OSGrid and totally unaware – your case, check!
Appear to be in possible need of hosting – your case, check!
Appear to be submissive – your case, who knows!

Just a few notes on how to get treated well by Walter:
Appear to be a straight female – your case, no worries!
Appear to be submissive – your case, who knows!
Appear to be in need of a protector – your case, no worries!
Appear to be in need of region administration – your case, possible!

Just a few notes on how to get treated well by Amy:
Appear to be a straight male who worships her – your case, unknown!
Appear to be a straight female who worships her – your case, no worries!
Appear to be submissive – your case, who knows!

Just a few notes on how to get mistreated, kicked, or banned:
Appear to question Hiro, Walter, Amy, or Neb’s motives or actions
Appear to be anything other than adult, straight, and submissive

Finally, a few facts from first-hand observations beyond two weeks in OSGrid:
1) Hiro, Walter, Walter’s “family”, and Amy repeatedly violate their own rules by using profane language and sexually explicit commentary in LBSA PG area
2) Hiro, Walter, and Amy repeatedly promote purchasing of region hosting from Walter or larger sim hosting from Hiro rather than suggest self hosted region connections for free
3) Hiro by his own admission started SimHost to replace income from pizza deliveries and that some donations are used to pay for his services
4) Walter by his own admission stated paying for administrative costs and services is what donations are for in one conversation then implies he is not in business (false); doesnt rent regions outside family and friends (false); and publicly admits he leases from Hiro
5) Amy publicly admits she leases from Walter and promotes his services openly to new users rather than referring them to someone who actually knows how to connect a region for free
6) OSGrid, Inc. was not registered a non-profit organization collecting donations. It is currently under suspension by the State of California as published by the Secretary of State
Entity NumberDate FiledStatusEntity NameAgent for Service of ProcessC319049502/26/2009SUSPENDEDOSGRID, INC.CHARLES KRINKE